Why does Pézie Beaudin love That'so Italy so much?
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Why does Pézie Beaudin love That'so Italy so much?

At That’so, we hold the relationship with our community at heart. It is important to us to share common passions and values with the people who support us. We wanted to share the relationship we have with a special member of the That’so community so you can get to know them better. In this article, not only will you get to know Pezie Beaudin better, but you’ll also get a sense of how That’so was a few years ago.

We had the chance to chat with That’so self-tan lover Pezie Beaudin about her experience with That’so Italy’s products and her values regarding self-care and beauty. Pezie has a charismatic personality, a contagious smile, and a kind heart and we are more than happy to have had the opportunity to sit down with her and get to know her a little better. Pezie has always been a fan of beautiful tans and has been using That’so self-tanners way before the collaboration started. She knew That’so in its beginning and worked alongside our team during its development. We are more than grateful for her continuous support and love. With that said, let’s dive into Pezie’s mind and get to know her relationship with That’so self-tanners.

Pezie has not always been conscious of the products she uses on her skin. Being a fan of golden tans, she used to hit the tanning beds quite often and exposed herself in the sun for long periods of time. Her values regarding beauty products developed over time.

‘It’s not that I wanted to damage my skin, I just did not have any idea that what I was doing was actually damaging for me. I was not aware of the danger of the tanning beds, the sun, and my choice of sunscreen.’

Pezie explains to us that she decided to meet with a dermatologist who confirmed that her practices were really damaging her skin health and that she should avoid sun exposure and tanning beds at all costs. This information left her confused because she loved her tanned look. So, she decided to start her own research and try different self-tanners. 

‘So I started trying all types of self-tanners. There was no self-tanner that worked, I was orange, I had spots, I really didn't like it.’

‘At some point I stumbled upon a girl on social media who was talking about That'so. It's been a while now, about 8 years. It was hard to get them in Quebec at that time.’

She then tried That’so self-tanners and her perception on beauty products changed. She started getting interested in the ingredients and the quality of the products she applied on her skin. She also became conscious that some beauty companies test their products on animals.

‘Being a vegetarian, I thought it was really important that my products be vegan and cruelty free. My values developed along with my discovery of That'so. I wasn't aware of the ingredients I was putting on my skin before. Since I discovered That'so, I started to take an interest and build my values in relation to beauty products. So, my values are really in line with That'so's: as natural as possible, without animal cruelty and that actually work.’

Pezie goes on to explain how her relationship with That’so started. She was a candidate on Occupation Double in Greece in 2018. When she arrived on set, to her surprise, she noticed that That’so was a sponsor and had a big display in the girl’s bathroom. 

‘The first thing I said was that I wanted some! The production told me I couldn't because the products were only there on display. Finally they found some extras and gave them to me!’

When Pezie came back from the Occupation Double adventure, she continued applying her self-tanner and started talking about it on her social media platforms. 

‘I felt like That'so was a part of me and I wanted to share that with my community.’

Finally, That’so contacted her, and a beautiful collaboration started to take place!

When Pezie started using That’so self-tanners, the collection was still in its beginning. Not only was it hard to find, but there was only one shade of self-tan. Her first self-tanner that got her hooked was the On The Go Dark. That’so only had one spray at the time, and it would even be used for the body. 

‘There was only one shade of self-tanner in those days. There wasn't even a body mousse. I even remember announcing the launch of the Glam Body Dark mousse. So yes, it was the On The Go Dark spray and I was applying it to my body too.’

Now, Pezie swears by the On The Go Extra Dark (10% DHA) and the Glam Body Extra Dark (8% DHA). Still being a big fan of the tanned look, she prefers opting for a darker shade and achieving a more intense look that lasts longer. She noticed that the Extra Dark adapts itself perfectly with her redish/pink complexion. 

‘As soon as the Extra Dark came out I switched from Dark to Extra Dark. I tried both and liked the darker result of the Extra Dark better on me. In my opinion, the Extra Dark works best on my skin type. I want to be as dark as possible!’

Over the years, Pezie has developed some fool/proof techniques to apply her self-tanner to make sure each application is goes smoothly and the results are uniform. When we begin using self-tanners, especially sprays, we tend to not apply in continuous circular motion because we are scared to make a mistake. But, to make sure the self-tanning spray is applied everywhere, your movements need to be smooth. Pezie also shares her secret to how she masters the application of her hands and feet.

‘I apply the On The Go with continuous circular motions. This helps me make sure I really apply it all over and that it falls on my skin evenly. The application on my hands and feet I do with the spray. It's the only way I find that makes it look natural.’

Another key thing to keep in mind when we want to apply our self-tanner is the quality of our routine. Pezie stresses the importance of exfoliating and hydrating her skin before applying her Glam Body mousse and her On The Go spray. She uses the Tan Extender Scrub about twice a week before each application. 

‘I wait about 4 days to exfoliate between each application. So let’s say I exfoliate and apply my self-tanner on Sunday, then I exfoliate and re-apply on Thursday, and go on like that throughout the week’

Pezie applies her self-tanner at night. She exfoliates, hydrates her skin and then applies her Glam Body Extra Dark on her body and her On The Go Extra Dark on her face and neck. But sometimes, she wants to apply her self-tanner during the day and does not want to hop in the shower for her exfoliation. To achieve her uniform tan while not using the Tan Extender Scrub, she relies on the Double Face Tanning Mitt. One side of the mitt is super smooth for the application of the self-tanning mousse. The other side is ideal for dry scrubbing. You can gently scrub the glove on dry skin to remove any dead skin cells. Then, you hydrate and apply like you normally would. This ensures a perfect tan even when you are in a rush. 

‘I use the exfoliating side if I want to apply my self-tanning mousse but don't want to get in the shower. So I dry scrub with the glove, moisturize, and apply the self-tanner. It replaces my exfoliator when I don't get in the shower.’

Another go-to That’so product that Pezie swears by is the Glowy Bronze. With a 5.5% DHA, it is lighter than both the On The Go Dark and the On The Go Extra Dark. It is perfect to enhance a tan and to intensify it. Being in the Glowy family, it also provides a wonderful glow to the skin. 

‘I use it before I go out if I have a skirt or tank top. I'll get it all over my body and my arms and legs will glow. To give my skin a shimmery effect and that way I'm sure I stay tan! I apply it with my trustee Body Brush.’

Pezie is not a big fan of makeup. She explains to us how her makeup routine needs to be as minimal and fast as it can be. She does not wear foundation, her self-tanner does the job perfectly! But she does, on occasion, apply some mascara, some highlight and a little bit of lipstick to give herself a refreshed look. Her go-to mascara is the Extra-Up mascara because of its efficacy. Her favourite highlight is the Pure Light highlighter because it blends well inot the skin. And finally, her must-have lipstick is the Over-Up Plumping Lipstick in Nude.

‘The highlight I apply it on the top of the eyelids, a little on the forehead, cheekbones and nose. It's perfect, it shines, it stays in place and it doesn't leave a streak. It blends really well. I like the mascara because it doesn't clump and my lashes don't stick together. I don't wear makeup often, so I need makeup that does the job for me in a sense.’

The last, but certainly not the least of Pezie’s favourites from our collection is the Dry Shampoo. The search for the perfect hair shampoo that doe snot weigh down the hair and does not give a weird sticky texture is real. Dry shampoo is a multi-purpose product and may be used for a variety of reasons. One thing for sure is that it should smell amazing, remove any excess sebum, add volume, and last throughout the day.

‘I love this dry shampoo so much! I've tried all kinds of dry shampoos and I feel like my hair doesn't move anymore, it became stiff. I run my hands through my hair all the time. With this dry shampoo my hair stays soft and it smells great.’

Unlike those of us who use it to remove any excess sebum, Pezie uses it for quite a different purpose.

‘I use it more for volume. That's why I like the fact that I can put my hands through my hair. It doesn't add texture to my hair. It's really more of a styling product in my routine.’

Pezie has come a long way. She decided to take the health of her body seriously and to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds, and instead turned toward sunless self-tanning. We hope that this blog post helped you gain a little bit more knowledge about That’so and our wonderful collaborator. If you wish to check out Pezie’s favourites you can find them right here https://thatsoitaly.com/collections/pezie