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What is the origin of the DHA in That'so Italy products?

DHA is the product that allows your skin to take on a beautiful golden hue. The DHA in That’so products is 100% natural! More precisely from sugar cane. If you want to know more about it, read our article here.

Are That'so products tested on animals?

None of our products are tested on animals. Moreover, all our products are vegan, to offer you a tan in total harmony with nature. We have also developed a certified range: Nature Tan. These products are 100% formulated with the best certified VEGANOK ingredients: no ingredients used is from animal origin, in full respect of the environment.

Do That'so products contain parabens?

Our products are designed with formulas that respect your skin and the environment. That’so products do not contain parabens, sulphates (SLES/SLS), silicones, products from the petrochemical industry or other potentially harmful ingredients.

Do the products make the skin orange?

Erythrulose is a controversial ingredient still used in some self-tanners. It is responsible for the orange tint and can leave spots on the skin. All That’so products are formulated WITHOUT erythrulose! No risk to be orange then!

Do That'so self-tanners protect again the sun?

Our self-tanners create a false tan, they do not protect your skin from the sun. It is therefore very important that you protect yourself before and during exposure to the sun.

I am pregnant, is there any risk in using That'so self-tanning products?

Our self-tanners are formulated without any petrochemicals or products that are potentially dangerous to your health. There is no risk in using our products during pregnancy.

I have very sensitive skin, can I use That'so selft-tanning products?

All our products are dermatologically tested and contain no allergenic products. You can use them without risk. If you want, you can do a test on a part of your body before applying the entire product.

Will That'so self-tanners transfer on clothing or sheets?

That'so formulas have been formulated to dry quickly and to be transfer free. We recommend wearing loose fitting, dark clothing after the application.

Where the That'so products made?

That'so products are made in Italy then imported to Canada.


How do I prepare my skin before applying my self-tanner?

It is recommended to apply your self-tanner on exfoliated and depilated skin. You can use our Tan Extender Scrub. This is the best way to achieve an even application of the product all over the body. Afterwards, it is important to moisturize it. Your self-tanner will adhere better to your skin and last longer over time. You can also use our tinted lotion Gradual Tanning Moisturizerfor a longer lasting result.

What is the best body product?

For the body, it is best to choose a self-tanner with tanning mitt application. This will give you a more even finish and prevent you from losing too much product. You can choose mousse or our HD Tan, which can also be used with a tanning mitt for face and body. For application to the face, it is best to use sprays that are specifically designed for this use.

How do I wash my tanning mitt?

It is best to wash your tanning mitt by hand in clear water with a little soap. You can wash it every time or between 2 to 3 applications if the product you are applying is the same.

How long will my tan last?

Again, this depends on the intensity of your product and your beauty routine. For example, the product will probably stay on your body longer than on your face. In general, a tan lasts from 3 to 6 days.

How do I maintain my tan?

To keep your tan looking good, you need to take care of your skin. To maintain your tan for longer, it is advisable to avoid hair removal, shaving or exfoliation as well as very humid places such as saunas. Spending a lot of time in water will shorten the duration of your tan. Finally, it is very important to exfoliate your skin before renewing the application of your product.


What is the right product for my skin?

Depending on the result you want, you can use a product with a higher or lower DHA. The result can never be “failed”. It is best to start with a product with a medium percentage of DHA such as On The Go Dark(6%) or Glam Body Foam(6%) before moving on to products with more pigments such as On The Go Extra Dark(10%) which is the most intense of our products.

When is the best time to apply my self-tanner?

We recommend applying your self-tanner in the evening, after showering. This way your skin is clean and the pigments will have time to develop overnight. After applying your self-tanner, you should not get your skin wet within 4 hours. If you wish to apply make-up after applying your self-tanner, wait until the spray is completely dry.

How do I apply my self-tanner?

That’so self-tanners are designed to be within everyone’s reach. They are very easy to use. It is very important to apply them on clean, exfoliated skin for best results. To apply a spray, it is recommended to spray in circular motions so that it is applied evenly on the face about 30 cm from the skin. Body products should be applied with a tanning mitt. We advise you to clean the nozzle to ensure that the spray is always evenly applied. You can add as many coats as you wish for more intense results.

How long do I need to wait before showering after applying?

That'so self tanning products can be rinsed off after 3 to 4 hours, but for a deeper tan we advise avoiding showering, swimming, and perspiring for 6 to 10 hours to allow your tan to develop fully on the skin.


Where can I find a sale point for the That'so products ?

Don't hesitate to contact us to know the closest point of sale to you. You can also order on our website or come directly to our warehouse.

How long will it take before I get a response from my email inquiry ?

We try to respond within 24 business hours, excluding weekends and local holidays.

When my order will be shipped?

Your order will be processed and shipped within one to two business days following its reception. The orders placed between Friday 2pm and Sunday will be processed on Monday. The delivery delay will start once the package will be dispatched and the tracking number will be sent.

Orders are not treated during the following days:

Christmas Eve (December 24th);
Christmas day (December 25th);
New Years Eve (December 31st);
New Years (January 1st);
St-Jean-Baptiste day (June 24th);
Labour day;
Canadian Thanksgiving;
Easter Monday


What the return policy?

All returns must be pre-approved by That'so and the shipping fees for returning products are at the customer’s charge. If you want to return products or a full order, you must contact us at info@thatsoitaly.com. You can return your order at our warehouse 9238 Boulevard Viau, Montréal, H1R2V8.

Sealed and unused products can be returned in the 15 days following the purchase date. All returned products must be in their original packaging. Products that have been altered, opened or damaged will not be accepted.

What do I do if there is an error in my order?

Please contact us at info@thatsoitaly.com.

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