That'so Tan Extender Scrub - 200 ml

$42.99 CAD

Prepare your skin with our Tan Extender Scrub! The best way to gently remove dead cells!

Discover our That'so Tan Extender Scrub! Formulated with coconut shell powder, it gives you soft, cleansed skin before applying your spray tan or any other That'so product. The addition of Arginine allows a prolonged and more intense, uniform and long-lasting tan. Its exfoliating formula unblocks pores, eliminates dead cells and leaves your skin smooth. Its delicate coconut fragrance makes this treatment an essential part of your summer!

- Ingredients: coconut shell powder, olive oil 
- Application area: face and body 


Customer Reviews

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Q: Is it better to exfoliate the skin before put on the spray tan?
A: Yes! It's always a good idea to exfoliate your skin before applying your self-tanner! It'll help remove dead cells and eliminates ingrown hairs.

Q: Is it very aggressive for the skin?
A: No, our scrub is super gentle. Is formulated with olive oil and coconut shell powder.

Q: Can I use it for both face and body?
A: Yes! You can use it for both!