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Achieving the Perfect Tan: Exploring the Different Shades of Self-Tanners

When it comes to achieving a natural-looking tan without the harmful effects of UV rays, self-tanners have become a popular choice and we are here for it. We must still remember though that the quality of the products we apply on our skin and our skincare routine play a huge role in the final result we get. We're here to spill the tea on self-tanners, but hold on, because we promise not to send you running for the hills in fear! We just want to be your trusty tanning sidekick, armed with all the info you need. 

Your routine must have the best self-tanning products for the best experience and a perfect result overall. Sadly, some self-tanners will make you orange, will fade weirdly, and will not look natural at all. So, the first thing you must consider is the quality of your products. For the optimal self-tanning result first, here are some things you must consider. 

The DHA source: 

The That’so Italy collection's best-selling self-tanners are the Dark and Extra Dark shades. Both shades are formulated to adapt to the your skin tone while providing a natural-looking tan. That’so self-tanners rely on DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), derived from cane sugar, for their action.

DHA is a colorless chemical (omega-3 fatty acid) that interacts with the amino acids in the outermost layer of the skin. This reaction produces a brown pigment (melanoidin) resulting in a temporary tan. DHA has been extensively studied and approved by regulatory authorities (FDA, Canadian Health Ministry and European Commission) as safe for topical use. 

It does not penetrate beyond the outer layer of the skin and is considered non-toxic. DHA only affects the topmost layer of your skin. But always remember that sunlight, particularly ultraviolet (UV) radiation, can penetrate the skin more deeply. UV rays can reach the dermis – the layer beneath the epidermis – where they can cause sunburn, tanning, and long-term skin damage.

DHA adapts itself to your natural skin tone. That means that your undertones will still be present once you apply our self-tanner. Even though most of our self-tanners deposit a makeup pigment that washes off, the long-lasting result is not caused by a direct color deposit. The final result is the caused by the reaction of the DHA on the skin. It produces a darker pigment without altering your natural undertones whether they are green, red, orange, or neutral. We’re all about keeping everything as natural as possible so you can look your absolute best!

Dark Shade: Recommended for Beginners 

The Dark shade is particularly recommended for beginners. Its formula offers a natural-looking tan that is easier to control, allowing self-tanning newbies to achieve a subtle and gradual transformation. The Dark shade is suitable for all skin types and provides a beautiful result that enhances the skin tone without altering its natural undertones. The dark self-tanning shade lasts to about 4 days. It’s the perfect way to get an easy and light tan!

We really stress that, at first, you see the action of the makeup pigment, but once you rinse it off you are left with the action of the DHA within the skin. We aslo stress that because we all have different undertones, we will not all have the same result! This is why our self-tanners look as natural as they do; they adapt themselves to your skin tone, they do not alter it. 

There is really no other way to know other than to try our products and to see what you prefer! By starting with the Dark shade, beginners can gain confidence in the self-tanning process and understand the application techniques before exploring the more intense Extra Dark shade if needed.

Who can apply the Extra Dark?

While the Extra Dark shade is designed to be intense, it can still be used by self-tanning newbies, especially those with a naturally dark complexion. Extra Dark is suitable for all skin types, but individuals with paler skin may notice a more apparent contrast. The Extra Dark final results lasts up to 6 days! It is perfect to either unify your skin tone or intensify it; it really depends on your natural skin color and what you wish to achieve.

If using Extra Dark for the first time, it is recommended to start with a lighter layer, and then adjusting the next time you apply. If you apply two layers in the same use, there is a chance that the color does not look natural anymore, and we really want to avoid that at all costs! 

For first time users, we recommend applying a small quantity first. If you notice that you are lighter than you wish to be, apply more generously next time. Do not go in for a second layer.Instead, apply a bigger quantity in one go! This approach allows new self-tanning users to become comfortable with the process while adapting to the product's strength. 

The Extra Dark, just like the Dark, adapts itself to your skin’s undertones. So, it is perfectly normal to not get the same result as someone else because it really depends on the natural skin color on which it is applied. Nothing is stopping you from using the Extra Dark as a beginner even if you have fair skin. The Extra Dark is super easy to use so there is nothing to worry about!

It's like a magical chemistry experiment happening on your skin. Each person has a unique skin type, tone, and even hydration levels, which can influence the outcome. Think of it as a personalized tanning adventure, tailored just for you!

Maintaining a Beautiful and Long-Lasting Tan

To ensure your tan remains beautiful and lasts as long as possible, proper preparation and maintenance are crucial. Ultimately, there are two things you should be doing before and after applying your self-tanner; exfoliating and moisturizing. 

Exfoliating, 24 hours before, removes dead skin cells and impurities, allowing the self-tanner to be applied to a perfectly smooth canvas. Also, exfoliating either mechanically or chemically is the only way to get rid of your previous tan. Let’s just promise to never skip this step if we want the most perfect tan every single time. 

It is not the end of the world if you decide to apply your self-tanner right after exfoliating the day of. Just make sure your moisturizer has completely penetrated and that your pores have closed before applying. You should start exfoliating your skin two days after the application. Your tan will gradually start to fade, and this prevents it from fading in patches.

Moisturizing the skin after exfoliation provides elasticity and helps eliminate dry spots, especially on elbows, ankles, and knees. Well-moisturized skin allows the self-tanner to distribute evenly, preventing blotchiness. To maintain your tan, regular moisturization helps to lock in moisture, prevent dryness, and prolong the life of your tan. So do not forget to apply your go-to body milk to make sure your tan always looks good!

Self-Tanners and the Sun

It's important to note that while DHA-based self-tanners provide a temporary tan without exposing the skin to UV radiation, they do not provide any protection against the harmful effects of the sun. That means it's still crucial to use appropriate sun protection measures, such as sunscreen, when exposed to sunlight to minimize the risk of sunburn and other potential skin damage. 

Using sunscreen every two hours while indoors or every hour when exposed to the sun is recommended. You will still tan with sunscreen! It protects you from the harmful rays that negatively affect your skin. Remember that UV rays are always present no matter the weather. So, rain, beaming sun, or inside near windows, the UV rays get to you. Please do not forget your sun protection all year round!!!

You can still tan once you have applied your self-tanner. It will not prevent any result obtained by the sun. Although, some people use self-tanners before going on vacation to limit the need to expose themselves for long periods of time to UV rays to tan fast. 

We gave you a lot of information but don't let this text scare you away from self-tanners. That'so Italy products are very easy to use, even for self-tanning newbies. You only have to try it to find out!