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What does DHA mean?

DHA what is it


When you heard about That'so self-tanning products, you probably already wondered what DHA is? Today, we're going to enlighten you by explaining what DHA means and why it's related to our self-tanners. Plus, it will help you learn more about how your self-tanner works and how to choose the right one!

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DHA means dihydroxyacetone. It is a molecule that reacts with the skin to take on a brownish tint. So this is the molecule that makes your self-tanner work.

This molecule can be synthetic as well as natural. Well, guess what? That'so products are made from natural dihydroxyacetone, which means 100% natural.

More precisely from sugar cane. The percentage of DHA therefore corresponds to the quantity of this ingredient in your product, the more DHA there is, the higher the intensity of your tan will be!

How does it work?

DHA is the main ingredient in your self-tanner. It will react on contact with your skin, taking on a beautiful golden hue. It's a bit like sugar turning into caramel ;) It is, therefore, a chemical reaction that takes place when the molecule meets the upper layers of your epidermis. To give you a beautiful natural tan, That'so self-tanners penetrate up to the 2nd layer of the epidermis, no more ;)
That's why it is so important to exfoliate your skin, exfoliation will eliminate dead cells and make your tan go away before starting the operation again!

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That'so, self-tanners without erythrulose

If you're familiar with self-tanning, you've probably already heard of Erythrulose. A controversial ingredient found in many sunless tanners. It's a self-tanning active ingredient that gives your skin a golden colour, but it's also the ingredient that makes it orange! It also penetrates deeper into the skin. It is for all these reasons that at That'so we have chosen not to use it in our products!

As a reminder, That'so products allow you to tan in UV rays but do not protect you from the sun! It is therefore very important to protect your skin when you expose yourself!