Our 2022 Summer Festival Essentials – That'so Italy
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Our 2022 Summer Festival Essentials

Festival season is finally here, and summer cannot be complete without attending at least one Festival with iconic fashion moments. After two years without any big summer events, it's time for the return of festival outfits and dressing up for weekend-long festival-themed trips.  To help make the preparation process easier, we've curated a selection of festival essentials, to help you build your perfect kit this season. 


1.Make it glow

During the summer time, we’re all dreaming of escaping to a dream-like destination like the Italian coast and lounging around the pool to soak up the sun. There’s no denying that there’s nothing as satisfying as a bronzy glowing complexion in our summer outfits. Unfortunately, not everyone has the possibility to leave their occupations, so a self-tanner is your new bff to not only have an amazing tan, but also protect your skin from sun damage. We recommend our trusty Glam Body Mousse paired with our Glowy Gold shimmering oil for the perfect sunkissed festival glow.


1.Accessorize with Crochet Hats

Bucket hats have been popular for a hot minute now and more specifically, crochet hats are definitely all the rage! There’s nothing like a cute accessory that not only compliments your outfit but also serves as protection for your head for a hot day under the sun. 


3.Protect Your Skin

Shade may not always be easy to come by at the festival so making sure to protect your skin with a good SPF is sooo important! With so many options on the market, it’s crucial that your sunscreen really protects against UV rays and that you reapply it as often as possible.


4.Keep It Fresh With a Face Mist

We're well into the unbearably hot stretch of summer, and keeping your makeup and skin from looking like a hot red mess is becoming more difficult by the day. Instead of throwing in the towel and cooking your skin over the weekend, we recommend facial mist sprays. Not only are face sprays incredibly cooling in the summer heat, but they can be infused with plenty of skin-friendly ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid for hydration and rose water for redness control. Our HydraCaress face spray is the perfect addition to you festival bag to keep your fresh through the festival and our Refreshing Tan Accelarator will keep you looking fresh and glowy. 


5.Practical & Stylish Hairstyles

The past two years have definitely shown a big comeback of the 90s-2000s aesthetic, both in fashion, hair and beauty. Festivals are the perfect opportunity to take a trip back in time and try the iconic hairstyles of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Not only are they super cute, but make it way more practical for a hot day under the sun. 


What are you best "festival" advices? Let's us know on Instagram, we're curious about it!