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The perfect self-tanning routine in 4 steps

We have all been here before. We wanted to try out a new product, but did not know how to apply it properly. It can be an honest hassle to use a product for the first time, and we understand the stress it can cause. Especially for self-tanners because they last for a few days, and you want to make sure it looks good for the entirety of it. 

Self tanners are a big hype right now, and we could not be more glad. They can help us to unify our skin tone and they can make us look like we just came back from a vacation. Whether you want to use them to even your complexion or to give yourself a beautiful natural-looking tan, your routine needs to be on point! Although self-tanners are generally easy to use, a missing step in a routine can drastically change the results in the end. 

It all comes down to simple skincare steps. The perfect routine will ensure a foolproof application of the product. When your skin is prepped for the self-tanner, the absorption is optimal and can clearly be seen in the results. So by following 5 simple steps you can assure long-lasting unified results.

  • Exfoliant
  • The first step, and the one that is too often overlooked by many, is the exfoliation. However, exfoliating your skin is crucial for a perfect application. A gentle exfoliant will remove all dead skin cells and unclog your pores. This is necessary to do before applying your self-tanner because your skin becomes smooth and ready for the product. Dead cells may create dry patches on your skin. Dry patches are the enemy of self-tanners because they prevent the product from penetrating the skin properly. This will leave you with lighter spots on your skin, and we really want to avoid this. So always start your self-tanning routine with a gentle whole body exfoliation. Your skin will be smooth, glowy, and no imperfection will obstruct the tanning process. It is always better to shave after exfoliating. Dead skin cells may jam your razor and reduce its efficiency. Also, when you use a hydrating exfoliant it will facilitate the removal of any hair.

    The Tan Extender scrub offered on our website checks all the boxes of a perfect exfoliant. It is the best exfoliant for mature, and sensitive skin and is also safe for pregnant people! It is important for any exfoliant to respect the integrity of the skin. If they are too harsh, then it will be abrasive and may cause irritation. The Tan Extender scrub is a transparent gel that gently exfoliates the skin. You may see the tiny particles that mechanically exfoliate and they are not too hard on the skin while you massage it in. Ultimately, it prepares the skin for the self-tanning products and extends the duration of the tan. How so? Because clean skin that is clear of any dead skin cells will absorb the product more efficiently resulting in a long-lasting tan.

  • Hydrate
  • Once the exfoliation is done, the next step for a perfect self-tanning routine is to hydrate your body. This is also one of the most important steps that is sometimes overlooked. We often forget to give much love and attention to the dehydrated parts of our body. The exfoliation step removes all dead skin cells and obsructed pores are reduced. After all this removal of gunk, the body is left with no natural oil to keep itself hydrated. Although it will produce it, sometimes it needs help from natural and pure ingredients. The hydration part of the routine will especially help with the dryer parts of our body such as our elbows, our ankles, our knees. All these body parts have natural creases and once they are dehydrated, the creases become more prominent. In this case, it is important to pay special attention to these areas before applying your self-tanner. Hydrate your whole body, of course, but please do not forget those pesky little dry spots that can really change the results of the tan.

    We propose using the Moisturizing Body Milk for a silky hydrated finish. It is a complete body care and offers optimal moisture, softness and soothing to the skin. Formulated with sweet almond oil, myrtle, and red grape active water, this body milk will deeply nourish the skin. We recommend applying The Moisturizing Body Milk right after exfoliating, or after shaving if you wish to do so! You should always wait for the product to have completely penetrated the skin before moving on to the next step. 

  • Get Tanned
  • Self-Tanning Mousse

    The next step is the fun part: the self-tanner. Once your skin is prepped by your exfoliant and you hydration you are ready to begin self-tanning. We have multiple self-tanners offered on our website. The Glam Body Dark and the Glam Body Extra Dark were awarded the best self-tanners of 2022! They are the best-selling self-tanning mousse and are perfect for any complexion. What is particularly great about the Glam Body is that the tanning agent itself comes from food pigments. The natural source of our DHA means that the tan will adapt itself to your natural skin tone. There is absolutely no need to be scared about turning orange because the DHA technology does not allow that to happen. These award-winning self-tanning mousses are vegan, cruelty and nickel free. Their rich texture makes the application smooth and pleasant.

    The Glam Body Dark has a 6% DHA which indicates a medium tan that will last to about 4 days if you follow the perfect routine. The Glam Body Extra Dark is a 8% DHA which is an intense tan that last up to 5 days. We advise using the double face mitt for the application. You should put a small amount of the mousse onto the mitt, and start by massaging it into your legs. Work your way up to your chest. The application of the self-tanning mousse may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see just how easy it is to use.

    Self-Tanning Spray

    Once your body is done, you may move along to your neck and face. This part is the quickest to do and to get a hang of. We offer a variety of self-tanners in spray format, but for the sake of the routine we will stick to the best-sellers. Although, each spray may be applied the same way. The On The Go Dark and the On The Go Extra Dark are the go-to for any self-tanning amateurs. They are easy to use, fast to apply and the results are instant. The Dark tint is a 6% DHA which is a medium tan and lasts up to 4 days. The Extra Dark tint is a 10% DHA which is an very intense tanning degree and lasts up to 6 days. It is important to remember that our self-tanners adapt themselves to your natural skin tone. So when we say tanning degree, you need to keep in mind that distinct complexion will have distinct results. 

    To apply, all you need to do is hold the bottle at about 30 cm from your face. Begin by spraying in circular and uniform movements. Make sure that you apply on your ears, around your face, under the jaw and you neck. The great thing about the makeup pigment that will be deposited onto your skin is that you can clearly see where you forgot to spray and go back!

    For both the self-tanning mousses and sprays, it is very important to wait between 3 to 4 hours before coming into contact with water. You need to allow time for the DHA to penetrate the skin and to activate. You will notice some pigments falling off while you are rinsing. No need to panic; this is only the makeup pigment that was deposited on your skin. You will be left with the natural and glowing result of the DHA.

  • Prolong Your Tan
  • Once the self-tanner is applied and your are washed, all you need to do is take care of your skin to make sure the tan lasts and that it fades evenly. One way you ay prolong your tan after a few days is by applying the Gradual Tanning moisturizer. It is a tinted lotion that can revive any tanner. In addition to deeply hydrating the skin thanks to its Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract, it has a 2% DHa and can last up to 2 days. This lotion may be used daily and really helps increase the duration of the tan. 

    Your skin still needs hydration once you applied your self-tanner. Go about your daily routine as if you did not apply it. In other words, do not forget to apply moisturizer every day follow your self-tanning regimen. This will assure you a long-lasting tan, and a tan that will not fade in patches due to dry skin.

    These simple steps will assure you a glowing and natural self-tan. Not only will you facilitate the application of the self-tanning products, you will also ensure a perfect and unified tan throughout the tanning duration. Do not forget to tag us in your social media posts with your perfect tan to get a chance to be featured on our Instagram.