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How to prolong your tan up to 7 days?

You just received your That'so order or you are still hesitating?
Are you wondering how to get a beautiful tan over time? You've found the right place!
Read on if you want to learn more about our pro tips to make your tan last longer!



Often neglected, preparation is the most important part of getting the most beautiful tan possible. For us, preparation means exfoliation!

We always recommend exfoliating before applying your self-tanner. Exfoliation allows you to remove all dead skin, clean your skin and clear your pores.

Our selection: our extender tan scrub formulated with coconut shell powder and arginine to prolong and intensify your tan with an even and long-lasting result.

Once exfoliation is complete, it's time to moisturize. It is important to moisturize your skin before applying your self-tanner and to insist on rougher areas such as elbows, knees and ankles. We advise you to wait a few minutes for your cream to be fully absorbed before applying your self-tanner.


Now that your skin is ready for the application of your self-tanner, you need to choose the right product to optimize the result! If you're an active customer, you already know that we always recommend using a foam self-tanner with our tanning mitt!
First of all, the foam formula allows you to apply the product more easily without leaving any marks and without forgetting any part! Plus you'll save product, so it will last you longer!

Our selection: our Glam body dark mousse, which was voted self-tanner of the year at the Elle Québec & Elle Canada beauty awards. Its formula enriched with aloe vera intensely moisturizes the skin while PROTEASYL, a plant complex, fights against the degradation of elastic tissues.


You just applied your self-tanner and you already find the result amazing? That's normal, it's That'so ahah! When you have just applied your Glam body dark or Glam body extra dark mousse, you will already see a first result thanks to the make-up pigments (of food origin) present in the product, but be careful, it is not your final tan!

The DHA present in your self-tanner takes 3 to 4 hours to develop completely to let your tan appear. During this period of development it is very important not to be in contact with water (shower, sweating, sauna, etc.) so as not to stop the process in progress.

During your first shower it is normal that you see your "tan" going away with the water, it is in fact the make-up pigment to make way for your final tan.


You are now exfoliated, moisturized and tanned, yeah! Our Glam body dark mousse lasts about 3-4 days, but we all know that we don't necessarily have the time or the desire to redo our tanning session every 3 days, right? That's where the miracle product comes in! We present you the gradual tanning lotion, yeah!

Why is this product revolutionary? It's a moisturizing body lotion, so you'll have fully moisturized skin, it smells amazing like blueberry yogurt, no less, but most importantly it gives you a natural tan!

Enriched with 2% DHA of natural origin, it helps prolong your tan for a few days. The first time you apply it, a very light tan appears on your skin, but the more you apply it day after day, the more your tan will intensify.

You will have understood, you can use this product alone, without self-tanner if you wish to obtain a very natural result over several days or 3 days after the application of your self-tanner to maintain your tan for a few more days!

And here we are, now you know the secrets to prolong your tan for 1 week, it's your turn to play! Don't forget to tag us on your photos on instagram to be featured!