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Our 5-steps Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

With time, the skin becomes more fragile, wrinkles or spots may appear. This is why a beauty routine evolves time and the skin changes due to age. A few simple, but essential, gestures and the choice of the right products are enough to give your skin a luminous effect and smooth fine lines for a unified and radiant face skin tone.

Follow the steps for a perfect anti-aging beauty routine :)

1st step: Make-up removal

One of the essential steps in any beauty routine is makeup removal. It should be done every night, even when you're tired. Makeup removal is not only about removing makeup but also about getting rid of all the impurities of the day. Depending on your skin, you can use an oil or a cleansing milk to avoid tight skin. A micellar water can also do the trick if you just have to remove make-up from your eyes! We also advise you to leave your skin at rest a few days a week, in a period of lockdown, it's easy, so use this time to do so ;)

2nd step: Cleaning

A new essential step, skin cleansing! Whether it is in the morning, to gently wake up your skin and get rid of sebum excess or night sweating. Or in the evening after makeup removal to make sure you've removed all the impurities from your face (always double cleansing!). To do this, nothing better than a cleansing gel to be replaced once or twice a week by a gentle exfoliator like our olive oil-based Tan Extender Scrub to avoid skin that feels tight.


3rd step: Hydration

This step is essential, oily or dry skin! Water tends to dry out the skin. To restore the hydrolipidic film which also acts as a barrier against aggressions, we moisturize our skin. For the day, we prefer a day cream like our Anti-Aging Infusion Day Cream and its Cosmetic Drone Technology Repulping Anti-Aging. This innovation fights against wrinkles for a lifting effect and stimulates the production of collagen for a plumped skin!

In the evening, we opt for the Anti-Aging Infusion Night Cream which offers the same advanced technology in addition to a richer texture to deeply moisturize the skin and fight against skin aging.

4th step: Facial massage

With age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and wrinkles appear in some areas such as around the eyes or mouth. Just a few minutes of facial massage a day help to stimulate the muscles and restore their tone for a more luminous and toned skin. You can find many tutorials on youtube!

5th step: Instant glow

At That'so, we are constantly trying to expand our product range to suit everyone's needs and tastes! We have 2 anti-aging self-tanners, the Golden Age and the Golden Beauty, enriched with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, matrixyl or panthenol to visibly smooth fine lines and improve the appearance of the skin. The finishing touch for an healthy glow!