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What are the benefits of our Dry Shampoo?

Say bye to bad hair day!

It's the fall big novelty! That'so launches its dry shampoo that joins the line of your favorite self-tanners to finally offer you a complete care routine from your skin to your hair. True to That'so's spirit, it's fast and easy to use and will add volume and shine to your hair! So what are the benefits of the new dry shampoo? We'll tell you more right away :)

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Remove sebum excess

Just like in your self-tanners, we choose the ingredients with care. Let me tell you more about the main ingredient in your new That'so dry shampoo: rice starch! Known for its absorbent, soothing and nourishing properties, it eliminates excess sebum, which gives that greasy look to the roots. In a few minutes, it restores volume and lightness to your hair, as if you had just washed it!

Give your hair the best!

Your new That'so dry shampoo also contains green tea extract.
This natural ingredient has been selected for its dermo-purifying and astringent properties.

Green tea extract also has the ability to gently regulate excess sebum at the root of your hair for freshness and lightness.

Finally, the silk proteins contained in your new product will provide suppleness and hydration for silky, shiny and stronger hair!

How to use?

I don't know about you, but what I like about a dry shampoo is the feeling of freshness and cleanliness it provides. With That'so Dry Shampoo, you'll get that effect instantly!

Start by shaking the bottle to make sure the ingredients are well blended together, then spray it about 12 inches from the roots, separating your hair into sections.

And the best part about this new shampoo is that there's no white deposit on your hair!

Once the product is applied, you can brush your hair normally or simply run your fingers through it to replace it!


You'll be able to see how much volume and shine your hair gets! So, ready to have gorgeous hair anytime? Try our new dry shampoo!

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