That'so Nature Tan INTENSE Bronze - Vegan - 75 ml

$54.99 CAD

Try our Vegan certified self-tanner! It contains no animal substances and has a delicate spicy smell!

You want a uniform and luminous tan that respects your skin and the environment? Nothing could be easier with our That'so Nature Tan Intense Bronze Tan! The natural tanning power of sugar cane ensures a natural result. The addition of a natural bronze pigment that is safe for your skin guarantees a long-lasting and instant result. In addition, That'so Nature Tan Intense Bronze contains Aloe Vera known for its moisturizing and softening properties. In short, it has everything to please!

Features :
- Ingredients: sugar cane extract, Aloe Vera, Matrixyl ™
- DHA: 8%
- Tanning degree: intense
- Tanning duration: 5 days
- Develops within 3-4 hours after application
- Type of product: spray
- Application area: face and neckline
- Instant tanning


Customer Reviews

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Q: My skin is pretty pale. Will it work ?

A: All our sprays are made for all skin tones. You just have to know the tan you want to achieve. You can choose from 2% DHA to 8%. Jump in the chat with us if you’re not sure, or take our quiz to find which tan is right for you.

Q: Will I get skin rashes?

A: Our products are made from natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested. They are paraben free and can never cause skin irritations.

Q : Will it uncover my dark spots?

A: No! Our products are not made to make dark spots appear.

Q: Is that normal to have lotion left on my cosmetic wipe?

A: Yes, absolutely. That is the layer that is left outside your skin.

Q: Can I put it on before make-up?

Yes, of course. But only when it’s dry. Better apply it long before.

Q: Can I mix it with my moisturizing cream?

A: Yes, you can!