That'so Eye Revitalizer Smooth Effect - 30 ml

$112.99 CAD

Apply in gentle circular motions. This light emulsion attacks the contours of the eyes to eliminate the signs of aging. Formulated with natural active ingredients such as a complex of sweet almond oil, olive oil, linseed oil and borage oil, this eye contour treatment has an excellent absorption capacity to visibly smooth out wrinkles and leave the skin nourished. The Eye Revitalizer Smooth Effect also contains arbutin to fight brown spots around the eyes and to refresh the eyes. Like all products in the That'so Innovation-nature line, this product features the innovative Botox Drone, a technology that fights fine lines and signs of aging by helping to relax muscles for a smoother, brighter eye contour area.

– Ingredients: phytocomplex of precious oils, baobab oil, arbutin, active waters
– Application area: eye contour area