That'so Light Infusion Night Cream - 50 ml

$121.99 CAD

Give your skin the nourishing action it needs with this innovative night cream!

The Light Infusion Night Cream is a cream with many active ingredients to promote the natural reconstruction process of the skin. Formulated from a complex of precious oils of sweet almond, olive, flax and borage, this care deeply nourishes the skin and reinforces the elasticity of the tissues. The addition of Mediterranean extracts provides a lightening and anti-dark spot action, while protecting the skin from UV rays. Finally, prickly pear extract helps repair skin damage during the night. The Light Infusion Night Cream integrates Illuminating Drone technology for a more radiant and younger-looking skin!

– Ingredients: mediterranean extracts, phytocomplex of precious oils, prickly pear extract
– Application area: face


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