You love our On The Go Dark, so you will fall in love with.. – That'so Italy
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You love our On The Go Dark, so you will fall in love with..

You’re a tan addict and you've bought hundreds and hundreds of our iconic On The Go Dark but have you tried our other On The Go?

Our On The Go dark, clear and hemp are all enriched with 6% DHA! Yes they all have the same intensity!

On The Go dark

It's one of our best-sellers, with 6% DHA it gives you a medium to dark shade with an instant result thanks to the makeup pigment contained in the formula. It is enriched with Matrixyl, a powerful anti-aging ingredient and it also contains Aloe Vera to deeply moisturize your skin. We suggest using the On The Go dark when you’re looking for an instant tan in the morning.

On The Go Clear

As the On The Go Dark, our On The Go Clear spray gives you a medium to dark shade with 6% DHA but it does not contain a makeup pigment! That is the ONLY difference between them. Our on the go clear develops within 2 to 3 hours after application. Thanks to its transparent mist, it is the best option if you apply your self-tanner right before bed time because, as we said, it doesn’t contain pigment, so it will keep your skin fresh and clean while you sleep. Fresh skin, fresh tan

On The Go Hemp

The On The Go hemp also has a 6% DHA and a makeup pigment such as the on the go dark but it’s infused with hemp water. If you’ve read our blog post about hemp and its benefits you already know how good hemp is for your skin! Hemp oil penetrates quickly into the skin to deeply hydrate it and it has a perfect ratio between omega 3 and omega 6!

So which one do you want to try next? We’re curious about it!