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What age should start using anti-aging products ?

Aging is beautiful and inevitable for each and every one of us. Signs of aging are signs that you are living; they are not called expression lines for nothing. It is important to appreciate your fine lines and wrinkles. After all, self-love is the best form of self-care. 

Aging does not mean that we should shy away from beauty products. Although, it is quite important to incorporate gentle products into your beauty routine to protect your skin barrier. Also, anti-aging products can be used in your twenties and thirties to support your skin when it starts to lose its natural nutrients. There is no age to start using anti-age products. As soon as your body reduces its ability to produce essential nutrients for its strength and health, you can add some anti-aging products to your skincare routine.

While we age, we still need to give much importance to our skin’s health to support its performance, look, and feel. But how do we incorporate beauty products into our routine that protect and support the integrity of our aging skin? Here are two self-tanning sprays that are perfect for those who wish to add anti-aging properties to their skincare routine. These nourishing self-tanners help people treat their skin with kindness as it matures. 

The Golden Age

Self-tanning spray for mature skin that shows signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles

The Golden Age is perfect for mature skin that shows signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It is a self-tanning spray that acts as a serum, and can be applied daily. It is very lightly tinted because it contains only 2% DHA. The DHA is derived from plant sources (sugar cane extract) which is non abrasive for the skin. This ingredient activates the creation of melanin and darkens the complexion. The spray is transparent and the tan will appear within 3 to 4 hours, so stay away from water during that time.

But how is this self-tanner incorporate anti-aging properties? This anti-age self-tanning spray lotion in enriched with Vitamin B5 which has anti-inflammatory properties and significantly reduces the appearance of puffiness to firm the skin. 

It also contains hyaluronic acid which is essential in any anti-aging routine. The production of hyaluronic acid decreases as we age and as a result, our skin looses its hydration, volume and plumpness. The addition of hyaluronic acid to this self-tanning spray boosts the level of hydration, plumps the skin, and makes it look and feel healthier. This ingredient is important to add to your skincare routine whether you are in your twenties or in your fifties. There is no age to give your skin the hydration it needs for its health. 

The Golden Age also contains Kombucha which is packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals and support the strength of collagen. Collagen is a protein that the body produces, and as we age, our body produces less. This results in the collagen structure becoming fragile and the skin’s structure becoming weak. Ultimately, the lack of collagen production results in loss of volume and the creation of wrinkles. By adding ingredients that protect the skin from the lack of collagen to your routine, you offer your skin a protein that it needs for its strong structure. 

The Golden Age self-tanning spray is quite easy to apply. To apply this anti-aging tanning spray lotion, all you need to do is spray directly on the skin in continuous and uniform movement at about 30 cm away from the face. The spray comes out transparent, but after 3 to 4 hours a light natural tint will appear. 

Golden Beauty

self-tanning spray is also perfect for mature skin showing signs of aging and contains vitamin B5

The Golden Beauty is quite similar to the Golden Age, but they have some differences in active ingredients. This self-tanning spray is also perfect for mature skin showing signs of aging. It is ideal for those who wish to supply essential ingredients to their skin all the while giving a light tan to their face and neck. It is a spray format that can be used daily and acts as a serum. The Golden Beauty perfectly combines beauty and skincare into one product for the ultimate natural glowing look and healthy skin. 

The Golden Beauty contains Vitamin B5 which, as mentionned before, has anti-inflammatory properties. This action will attenuate the puffiness of mature skin. 

This self-tanning face spray is also enriched with two times more hyaluronic acid. As we saw, the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid decreases as we age, and it’s important to supply essential substances into our routine that our body needs for its health. The Golden Beauty’s high concentration of hyaluronic acid elasticizes the skin because of its intense moisturizing abilities. 

It also contains Aloe Vera which is essential to support the skin’s moisture. Aloe Vera is known for its ability to soothe the driest of skins. Adding this ingredient to your routine in combination with hyaluronic acid optimizes moisture retention and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.

The Golden Beauty is a self-tanning spray containing 4% DHA. Again, the DHA is made of natural sugar cane extract which is non abrasive and perfect for all skin types. It is a non-comodogenic self-tanner meaning that even the most acne-prone skin can benefit from the many properties this product contains. 

The application for the anti-aging Golden Beauty self-tanner is the same and quite easy to use. Simply spray directly onto the skin in continuous and uniform motions keeping the product at about 30 cm away from the skin. Allow to dry completely and after 3 to 4 hours a light natural tan will appear. Your skin will be tanned, glowing and deeply hydrated. 

There isn’t any product that will magically eliminate all your wrinkles, and this should not be our goal either. We should learnt to love and be grateful for each and every sign of aging because they are a sign that we laughed and lived. But it is also important to remember that as we age, our bodies production of essential nutrients decrease, and sometimes, our skin needs our help to supply those nutrients. Our goal is not to eliminate any signs of aging, but rather to wear our wrinkles with confidence and make sure our skin stays healthy and strong. 

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