Top 6 Trending Destinations for 2022 – That'so Italy
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Top 6 Trending Destinations for 2022

As summer is quickly approaching, it is time to start planning where we’ll be escaping for our dreamy getaway. Whether it’s a Parisian summer or a month-long relaxing trip in Tuscany, we know that there are endless possibilities on the horizon. So, in order to help you out, we have gathered the top 6 trendiest places to visit in 2022. Will you be taking off to any of these places? Let’s find out… 


Sumba, Indonesia

trendy destination 2022 sumba indonesia

Due to millions of tourists flying to Bali each year, it has become increasingly difficult to discover a quiet seashore or a waterfall without a bunch of instagramming tourists nearby. If you`re lookin for quiet and wilderness, we’ve got you. About a 50-minute flight east of Bali, Sumba is about two times Bali`s length and with half of its crowds, this rugged island is frequently compared to Bali before its tourism boom. So if you’re looking for sugar-white beaches, breathtaking nature with grazing and the adventure of a lifetime, you know where to go. 


Sicily, Italy

trendy destination 2022 sicilia italy

Did someone say Hot Girl Summer? Italy is the place to be! Sicily is covered in gorgeous beaches, stunning architecture, and scattered ruins, meaning visitors don’t have to spend much to experience it properly – how perfect! If visiting in this summer makes sure to take part in walking tours, see historic structures and try delicious, reasonably priced foods. 


Mexico City

trendy destination 2022 mexico city

Often forgotten in exchange for traditional all-inclusive resorts, Mexico City is experiencing a resurgence on the travel scene in 2022 with in-the-know travelers flocking there for its vibrant food, art and nightlife. This destination will make you want to relocate there the moment you visit. If you’re looking for a crazy nightlife scene, delicious restaurants, theatres, beaches and more, then you’re in for a treat!


New Zealand

trendy destination 2022 new zealand

Feeling a little less relaxation and a little more active and scenic? New Zealand is a great place for you. With breathtaking and diverse landscapes, unique wildlife, friendly and fun-loving people, delicious cuisine and wine, incredible cultures, and a vibe that is unlike anywhere else in the world. New Zealand is bucket list goals. 


Crete, Greece

trendy destination 2022 crete greece

What’s dreamier than Greece? The ultimate place to visit for anyone looking for a romantic getaway or a Mediterranean escape for the summer. The gorgeous island of Crete, on the southern portion of the Aegean Sea, is one of Greece’s most diverse islands. It is one of the most beloved islands by tourists, many of which return to the island every year or two, all of them willing to experience a different adventure each time.



Bonus! Alberta, Canada

trendy destination alberta 2022

Finally, if you don’t feel like leaving the country this summer, don’t worry! Canada is filled with beautiful scenic places and Alberta is one of them. With wide open prairies and soaring Rocky Mountains, Alberta is defined by diversity. From the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site to the Great Plains, the landscape invites nature-loving visitors to get outside and explore.