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The miracle solution for cellulite

Did you know that 80% of women have cellulite? Even if from an aesthetic point of view it may seem disturbing, cellulite is a completely normal phenomenon that affects almost all women one day or another.

To understand how it forms, cellulite results from a problem with fat cells that are compressed under the epidermis. This creates a lumpy or padded appearance on the skin in the affected areas, reminiscent of an orange peel. It is mainly found on the buttocks, thighs and stomach, and sometimes on the arms. Cellulite affects the vast majority of women, regardless of their size and weight.

But we have found THE solution for you: intensive crackling gel and tonic glow firming from That's so Italy.

The intensive crackling gel contains several active ingredients such as caffeine or carnitine that work on the reduction of orange peel skin.
But that's not all! The intensive crackling gel contains a formula enriched with 1% SLIMBUSTER®, a combination of functional ingredients of natural origin that stimulate the activation of lipolysis and reduce the accumulation of lipids in the adipose tissue.

Tonic Glow Firming completes the treatment by firming and toning the skin.

On first use shake vigorously for 1 minute until you hear the activation of the mousse inside the can. Then put the bottle upright, apply a line to the thigh and tap to spread the product. During the first hour, you may see some redness on the spot where you have applied the product. This is normal as the product is working but it will disappear quickly. 

Due to its direct effectiveness, we recommend that you apply the intensive crackling gel every other day and only and apply only a small amount of the product. However, you can apply the Glow Firming twice a day. 

We recommend that you avoid these products if you are pregnant.