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Meet Innovation Nature’s Newest Products

As skincare enthusiasts, we are so happy to finally be introducing two new products to our Innovation Nature line. These are staples in everyone’s routine and perfectly complete our Innovation Nature skincare line with the patented Drone Cosmetic technology.

Meet the Face Care Gentle Cleanser Milk

As the first beauty step in the morning or as an essential step in your night routine, washing your face with a good hydrating cleanser is extremely important. Our new Milk Cleanser is made up of a mix of vitamins A, C and E which promote cell renewal, help fight free radicals, regulate sebum production, and help to illuminate the complexion of the face. Yes, all of that!

With 98% of natural origin, it is also enriched with gentle ingredients such as Panthenol, Argan and Rosehip Oil that promote intense and long-lasting hydration. The natural extracts of Cornflower, Artichoke, Mauve and Cherry Flowers make this makeup remover a gentle cleanser that deeply regenerates the skin, giving it elasticity and firmness, helps maintain soft and nourished the skin of the face, promotes skin well-being, and helps to counteract skin redness. 

The carefully selected ingredients in the formula offer antioxidant and lightning properties to counteract the oxidative processes of skin aging.

How to use : Apply on a cotton pad and clean the face while gently messaging in circular movements. Wash thoroughly. 

Meet the Face Care Revitalizer Face Lotion

Our brand-new Revitalizer Face Lotion tonic mist is going to be your skin’s new bff when it comes to hydration! 

The presence of Rose, Cucumber, Blueberry and Witch-hazel extract combined with Hyaluronic Acid and powerful natural moisturizing agents make this tonic a precious addition to your beauty routine. It promotes skin firmness, hydration, brightness, and tone of the skin as well as soothes your skin thanks to the presence of Aloe Vera

After deeply cleansing your skin, spray directly on your face or on a cotton pad and gently massage the product into the skin before continuing with the rest of your skin care products.

Discover now the individual products or the essential duo at $89.99 instead of $109.98.