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Cosmetic drone technology : up to 30% more effective

The new That'so innovation-nature skin care product line is based on innovative technology and ingredients up to 98% of natural origin. A patented technology in the skin care domain that offers a targeted action on the cells. What's that? It is the Drone Cosmetic Technology. This recent innovation in the world of beauty increases the effectiveness of treatments by delivering the active ingredients in depth.

We tell you more!

How does Drone Cosmetic Drone technology work?

The Cosmetic Drone Technology finally responds to one of the biggest challenge of beauty care! It makes it possible to target the action of the active ingredients within the cells thanks to the action of encapsulated biodegradable polymers. They use the specific links between the cells and the cutaneous barrier. Then they select the cells that are to be treated. Once inside the cell, the component polymers are naturally metabolized and the active ingredient is diffused and released inside the target cell steadlily over time. This incredible breakthrough in intelligent cosmetics allows for superior efficacy and incredible results.

What are the advantages over traditional skin cares?

The Cosmetic Drone Technology allows results up to 30% more effective than traditional cosmetic care products because it delivers the active ingredients to the heart of the cell for greater efficiency. This technology thus allows a maximum of results with a minimum of product. Each drone has its own target depending on the treatment used. No more waste! The product used will only target the cells involved and the targeted action of the treatment will bring better and faster results!


Advanced technology to solve every problem

The Cosmetic Drone technology can be adapted to different problems. Its ability to target only the cells of interest has enabled the development of different drone technologies used in That'so innovation-nature products. For example, the Silhouette Drone is found in products such as the Slimming Body Cream which acts on cellulite and slows down the production of fat cells for a visibly smoother and firmer skin.

That'so innovation-nature's anti-aging creams, on the other hand, contain the Anti-Age Drone technology to boost the collagen production and elasticity of the skin and make it smoother. Finally, the Light Infusion line with a Day Cream and a Night Cream work with the Illuminating Drone to improve the appearance of the skin and make it more luminous.

Ready to try the Drone Cosmetic technology? Discover the new That'so innovation-nature skin care line.