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Beauty Elixirs : personalized treatment adapted to your needs

They are nice, they are fresh, they are the talk of the town, the beauty elixirs!

We all have different needs when it comes to our skin, and it is precisely for this reason that our beauty elixirs were designed. 3 lotions in spray developed for 3 needs. The little extra? They can be used alone or combined with each other to get a personalized treatment adapted to your needs.


For more mature skin, Eternal Beauty, a lightweight spray lotion for younger, smoother-looking skin. It contains a powerful anti-aging ingredient to smooth wrinkles and stimulate skin regeneration.

For sun lovers, Sun Kiss, a moisturizing and light tanning spray lotion. Enriched with Aloe Vera for its moisturizing properties and DHA, of natural origin, to give the skin a subtle and natural tan.

For a deeply moisturized skin, the Hydra Caress, a treatment with a moisturizing action enriched with active principles. The lotion contains sea water, naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, to strengthen the skin barrier and hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize the skin.


Which one should I choose? We know the choice is too hard! Well, you can combine them together for a personalized treatment. Whether you mix two elixirs together or all three together, use our Magic blender to make the perfect mix! 

Our Magic blender contains up to 50 sprays so you can take your treatment with you anywhere and give your skin a boost all day long. It has a revolutionary patented system for easy mixing of lotions, so it's sure to become your new pre-made beauty accessory! 


  1.  The Hydra Caress to be used alone for a moisturized skin all day long
  2.  Sun Kiss for a healthy glow from morning to night
  3. Eternal Beauty for smooth, plumped, younger-looking skin
  4. Hydra Caress + Sun Kiss = Moisturized and tanned skin
  5. The Hydra Caress + The Eternal Beauty = Smooth and plump skin 
  6. The Eternal Beauty + The Sun Kiss = Smoothed fine lines and a healthy glow
  7. The Eternal Beauty + The Sun Kiss + The Hydra Caress = The winning combo for healthy skin

Which beauty elixir is right for you? Tell us all about it in the comments! :)