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6 Trends to Try This Summer

With summer in full swing, we can see that the beginning has proven it to be an extremely stylish one. Looking at the season in store for us, whether  it's weddings, Travelling, Social gatherings, festivals, etc.– We are so excited for the many reasons and opportunities to dress up. For a little bit of summer outfit inspiration, here are 6 fashion trends to try out this summer! 

  • Strut Your Platforms around town

  • Trends from the Y2K era have had quite the resurgence over the past few years, but one thing that simply cannot be ignored is that it is all about platform heels.

    What’s great about them is that they are both comfortable and a friend to both short and tall girls as it immediately gives the appearance of longer legs. instantly.  

  • Brighten Your Wardrobe 

  • Sick of neutrals? We’ve got good news for you. As we’ve already been seeing everywhere, bright colors will be taking over this season, especially as we lean into maximalist dressing. Colors like hot pink, cobalt blue, orange, and yellow are going to pop this summer,  whether that's through a monochromatic look with your statement color or paired with a neutral color.  

  • Micro-Minis are IN


    For those who prefer shorter (or reallyyy short) hemlines, prepare for the mini and micro–mini skirt trend, which has come back around just in time for summer. As seen from Miu Miu amongst others, expect to see shorter lengths in casual, formal, and catwalk wear including business suits, dresses, shorts, and more.

  • Wispy Effortless Bangs

  • If you want something that adds more of a style to your hair without having to style it, this hairstyle might be for you. As it is effortless yet super chic.  Simply ask your hairstylist for wispy longer bangs that hit right below your brows, so you can wear them down or push them off to the side. 

  • Glazed Donut Skin

  • Summer is probably the one time of the year where we all want our skins to be super healthy and glowy, and that, whether it’s our face or body. Glazed donut skin is exactly what it sounds like. It involves moisturizing the skin before bed so that when you wake up, your face is glistening The key to this trend is hydration and protection of your natural skin barrier. Whether it's highlighter, skincare, or, well, sweat, a glistening glow has never been more in.

  • Maxi Everything

  • Midi skirts have reigned for a long time now, but during the summer of 2021, we started to notice an uptick in people on our Instagram and TikTok feeds moving back into maxis. The trend looks set to continue strongly in 2022, with key brands such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy backing the cut. There is a Y2K lilt to these hemlines descending, with simple tube styles that fit closer to the ankles being more present than, say, a hippy, tiered cut. 


    Will you be trying one or more of these trends?