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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Self-Tanner

With the recent resurgence of importance given to protecting one’s skin and investing in a strict skincare regiment, it is only normal that we are looking for other ways to achieve a sun kissed glow and tan, and that, without sun damage that result from UV rays. Thankfully, with all the available sunless products on the market, that is now easier than ever. Due to this immense popularity, many people might be asking themselves various questions about the ins and outs of self-tanners and we’re here to answer the big 3…

  • Are Self-tanners Bad for My Skin?

  • No. Of course the choice of the brand counts! Although many might wonder if self-tanners are bad for your health or if they could result in skin reactions,  at That'so all our products are perfectly safe to use. In fact, all That’So products are dermatologically tested, contain no allergenic products, and are made to respect your skin. You can use them without risk. 

    If you wish to be extra careful, we recommend doing a test on a small part of your body before proceeding with a full app

  • Will I End Up Orange? 

  • No, you will not if you use That’so self-tanners. Erythrulose is a controversial ingredient still used in some self-tanners and is responsible for the orange tint you are worried about. All That’So self-tanners are formulated WITHOUT erythrulose. Our DHA  (the product that allows your skin to take on a beautiful golden hue) 100% natural origin made from sugar cane. In other words, you will be left with a beautiful golden complexion.

  • Are They Respectful of the Environment?

  • Yes! Our products are designed with formulas that respect your skin and the environment. That’so products do not contain parabens, sulphates (SLES/SLS), silicones, products from the petrochemical industry or other potentially harmful ingredients. In addition, none of our products are tested on animals. Indeed, all of them are vegan, to offer you a tan in total harmony with nature. We have also developed a certified range: Nature Tan where the product line is 100% formulated with the best certified VEGANOK ingredients (no ingredients used is from animal origin, in full respect of the environment).