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3 essentials for your winter skincare routine

The Canadian winter brings with it snowy landscapes and revitalizing freshness, but it can also present challenges for our skin. The combination of biting cold, dry wind and temperature variations can leave our skin dull and dehydrated. To counter these damaging effects, adopting a skincare routine suited to the season is essential. Here are our must-haves for winter: 

Self-Tanner for the Face:

In addition to imparting an instant natural glow, our On the go facial self-tanner offers complete hydration to the skin, leaving it radiant for 4 to 5 days. Its ability to deeply moisturize the skin is a godsend, especially when cold weather dries out the epidermis.The immediate results of our self-tanner are particularly appreciated in the winter months when the sun is scarcer, offering a glow to the face without the need for prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Day Cream:

Day cream is a fundamental pillar of any winter routine. Opting for a hyaluronic acid-based formula is an excellent strategy. Not only does this ingredient deeply moisturize, it also boosts skin elasticity. With 99% of its composition of natural origin, this cream controls melanin production, helping to reduce brown spots often accentuated by exposure to the sun and cold winter weather.

Natural Eye Contour Serum:

The eye contour area is often the most sensitive and prone to the signs of aging. A specific serum can work wonders during the winter months. This serum, made with 99% natural-origin ingredients, smoothes fine lines, nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes, fights brown spots, and restores luminosity to the eyes. By reducing eye fatigue, it contributes to a more radiant eye contour, essential when the days get shorter.

By adopting a winter-appropriate skincare routine, you allow your skin to glow even in the harshest conditions. Using self-tanner for the face, a day cream with hyaluronic acid, and a natural eye serum will allow you to face any element while preserving your skin's natural beauty. So make this winter routine your secret to radiant, glowing skin!