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How to choose the right eye serum

How to choose the right eye serum?

There is no age to start taking care of your under eye area!

Ah the famous eye revitalizer... We hear about it all the time but what is it really for? Isn’t your day or night cream enough to moisturize your whole face? We explain here why it is so important to use an eye cream (a good eye contour specifically).


The eye contour is a particularly fragile area of the face that requires special attention! It is in this area that the first wrinkles appear and that the signs of fatigue are particularly visible.

We often think that the eye contour is only where we have wrinkles, but that is not only it!

The eye contour can be a painful area, especially when cold temperatures arrive with a very unpleasant feeling of tightness. The eye cream can also be very useful when you have dark circles, often due to poor blood circulation and not due to a lack of sleep!

Now you understand! It is essential to moisturize the eye contour area with a product adapted to this zone and to ensure using the good gestures.

Be good to your skin.
You will wear it every day for the rest of your life.

How do you apply your eye contour product?

Using the right amount is key! As we said before, this is a fragile area, so go gently so as not to damage your skin.

We apply the eye revitalizer in small touches, on the bone under the eyes and under the eyebrows. Generally, a very small amount of product is enough to do both eyes, you can compare it to the size of a grain of rice (you will see that it is more economical too!). Too much product would risk congestion and therefore swelling of the eye area, as this part of the face is very vascularized.

The gesture is just as important as the product: To properly apply your eye contour care, you must start from the inner corner of the eye and draw a wide circle all around the eye, following the bone.

To begin, place your finger on the inner corner of your eye, then follow the bone under the eye and move up to the temple. This draws a wide semicircle under the eye.

Then, start from the inner corner of the eye, this time moving up to the eyebrow, and continue to follow the bone under the eyebrow, up to the temple. This makes a wide semicircle over the eye.

This way, the product is distributed evenly and you activate your blood circulation, which will help reduce dark circles and puffiness. Take the opportunity to take time for your self care routine and relax.

Choose the right product

In order to always offer you the best products on the market, we have formulated an eye contour serum with smoothing effects that meets all the needs of your eye contour.

Formulated with natural active ingredients such as a complex of sweet almond oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil, our eye contour care deeply nourishes your skin with an excellent absorption capacity to visibly smooth out wrinkles.

Even if the first signs of aging have not yet appeared, you can use our eye contour to fight brown spots and to revitalize your eyes thanks to its high concentration of arbutin.

The little extra: you can also use our eye contour cream around the lips to moisturize and heal spots in this area.


Like all Innovation-nature products, this product uses cosmetic drone technology to improve treatment efficiency by up to 30%! To learn more about cosmetic drone technology, you can read our previous article right here.

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Why is our eye contour so effective?

Because it contains the innovative Botox Drone, a technology that fights fine lines and signs of aging by helping to relax muscles for a smoother, brighter eye area.

Now that you're an expert on the eye contour revitalizer and how to properly apply it, I invite you to read our full article on a face routine with our Anti-Aging cream duo.

What about you, are you as fascinated as we are about this eye contour revitalizer?