That'so Graffitan - 250 ml

$124.99 CAD

Our professional self-tanning spray That'so Graffitan contains a very high level of DHA. Dedicated to professional use.


Our self-tanning spray That'so Graffitan is dedicated to professional use. Its formulation contains a very high level of DHA combined with a tanning cosmetic agent for a very intense and instantaneous result. Sugar cane extract offers a natural and golden result. That'so Graffitan can be applied over your make-up because its formula allows you to diffuse the active ingredients in depth thanks to a special component called Gransolve DMI ™ . The effect lasts up to 7 days. It is recommended for use by professionals such as make-up artists, dancers or bodybuilders. 

- Ingredients: sugar cane extract, Gransolve DMI ™
- DHA: 8%.
- Tanning degree: very intense
- Tanning duration: 7 days
- Develops within 3-4 hours after application
- Type of product: spray
- Application area: face and body
- Instant tanning