That'so On The Go CLEAR - 125 ml

$49.99 CAD

Our That’so On The Go Clear is perfect for a soft and natural tan!

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That’so On the Go Clear is the perfect spray tan for a gentle tan. Its sweet smell of almond, cherry and vanilla is pleasant and differs from the chemical odours of conventional tanning products. It is perfect for every skin and provides a natural and long-lasting tan. The That’so On The Go Clear got a transparent color mist for a progressive tan. It contains sugar cane that will offers a gradual and long-term tanning. Its formula is enforced with Matrixyl™, a strong anti-aging ingredient that reduces wrinkles. Its application is easy thanks to the multi-position spray technology. The product doesn’t stain or unpleasant odour to the skin

– Ingredients: sugar cane extract, Aloe Vera, Matrixyl™
– DHA: 6%
– Tanning degree: intense
– Tanning duration: 4 days
– Develops within 2-3 hours after application
– Type of product: spray
– Application area: face and neckline
– Progressive tanning – transparent mist


Customer Reviews

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Q: My skin is pretty pale. Will it work ?

A: All our sprays are made for all skin tones. You just have to know the tan you want to achieve. You can choose from 2% DHA to 8%. Jump in the chat with us if you’re not sure, or take our quiz to find which tan is right for you.

Q: Will I get skin rashes?

A: Our products are made from natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested. They are paraben free and can never cause skin irritations.

Q : Will it uncover my dark spots?

A: No! Our products are not made to make dark spots appear.

Q: Is that normal to have lotion left on my cosmetic wipe?

A: Yes, absolutely. That is the layer that is left outside your skin.

Q: Can I put it on before make-up?

Yes, of course. But only when it’s dry. Better apply it long before.

Q: Can I mix it with my moisturizing cream?

A: Yes, you can!

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