What are That'so favorite products of our ambassador Pézie Beaudin?

December 19, 2019

What are That'so favorite products of our ambassador Pézie Beaudin? | That'so Italy

You discovered That'so products not long ago and you'd like to know more? We figured it was our ambassador Pézie Beaudin, a candidate on the show Occupation Double, who talked about it the best. And that's why we like her so much ? So to help you make your choice and learn a little bit more about That'so, we asked her the question to know what are her favorite products and why.

Keep reading to discover Pézie's selection!

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On The Go Extra Dark

It is with this product that the love story between That'so and Pézie began! Our spray tan On The Go Extra Dark is one of our best sellers because it quickly found its place among the other self-tanners on the market. Easy to apply and with a result that is always natural, it gives you a tanned but not too dark complexion. Pézie loves it because it is the one that blends best with her complexion and is super easy to apply.

She uses it mostly for her face but also to do her freckles she told us about a few days ago on Instagram (you can find the tutorial on her profile in the That'so tab). Also, her delicate and light mist that allows you a natural rendering that you can adjust at your convenience!

Glam Body Dark Foam

This is Pézie's favourite self-tanner for the body. Why is that? Especially for the texture of the foam which is super light and easy to apply. The Glam Body Dark foam sculpts your legs and is very moisturizing. Not to mention the smell which is incredible and super pleasant. In short, it has everything to please!

Glowy Gold Dry Oil

Pézie admits that she has never been a big fan of body oils but that her opinion has changed since she tried our new Glowy Gold dry oil enriched with hemp oil! It will delicately illuminate your skin without the "greasy" look that characterizes some body oils. Our ambassador loves to use it as an illuminator on her legs or in the cleavage. Its composition based on golden powder assures you a very natural result that will embellish your tan and moisturize your skin.

Tan Extender Scrub

For a long-lasting and natural tan, it is essential to exfoliate the skin before application. And Pézie understands this, which is why our scrub is now part of his daily routine. According to her, the grain is fine and subtle, it is perfect to prepare her skin before applying our self-tanner and ensures a longer-lasting tan.

You now have all the elements to make your choice! At That'so, we make sure to offer you a wide variety of products so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

What are your favourite products? Let us know! ?

Photo Credit : Katia Curadeau

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