How to extend your Summer Tan?

August 03, 2020 2 Comments

How to extend your Summer Tan? | That'so Italy

As every year, we come back from holidays with a gorgeous golden tan and like every year, we want to keep it as long as possible! Because at That'so we know something about tanning, we thought you'd like to know more about our 4 tips to make your holiday tan last longer! You'll see, it's pretty easy to keep your summer complexion even when the holidays are over thanks to some beauty secrets!

Exfoliate, always

I'm sure you know this step by heart! Despite popular belief, it won't make your tan disappear! Exfoliating your skin allows it to get rid of dead cells and impurities to illuminate your complexion and unify it. Exfoliating your skin will, therefore, allow your tan to last longer! No need to exfoliate too hard, a gentle scrub will be more than enough. You can, of course, opt for our Tan Extender Scrub, it will gently cleanse your skin.

Moisturize for a healthy skin

I know it feels like I'm repeating myself, but be sure that after spending several days under the sun, your skin is thirsty. Moisturize it with a cream, oil or serum, there are many possibilities. Remember to do it both morning and evening and don't forget about your whole body! To stay a little longer on holiday, you can choose to use shea butter or coconut oil! Or even better! Our Gradual Tanning Moisturizer will instantly give your skin a lovely caramel colour and sublimate your holiday tan!


A bit of cheating...

I promise we won't say anything! Despite all your efforts, you won't be able to keep the same tan you got on vacation at your office all week... That's why you have to compensate a little bit to keep your spirits up! Apply a bit of your self-tanner in the evening before going to bed or, if you prefer, in the morning after washing your face. Depending on the shade you like, you can opt for On The Go Dark or Extra Dark! Somewhere in between? The HD Tan or the Nature Tan Intense Bronze are made for you ;)

on the go dark

Credit: Ten1three

Some colors in your plate

And now you're wondering if I'm not being crazy? Don't worry! Have you ever heard of beta-carotene? You can find it in many foods, especially in carrots, but also in apricots and melon! Why deprive yourself of these colourful fruits and vegetables that will be good for your body while boosting your pretty tanned complexion? If you prefer, you can also opt for a beta-carotene cure as a food supplement that you can find in pharmacies.

Did you know all these tips to make your holiday tan last? You can also maintain it by enjoying the slightest ray of sunshine to take off your swimsuit! Be careful to always protect yourself and avoid the hottest hours of the day ;)

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