How to best enjoy your summerdays?

June 12, 2020 2 Comments

How to best enjoy your summerdays? | That'so Italy

I don't know about you, but the end of the quarantine and the beginning of the beautiful days make us particularly happy! It's the occasion to meet up with your friends (always with a security distance of course!) and therefore another good reason to take care of yourself little! And that's perfect because we have everything you need to make you fabulous this summer with products that will take care of your skin and make it shine!

Wanna know more? Then we'll tell you everything!

Keeping a good self-care routine 

During the lockdown, we shared our self-care routines with you to keep your spirits up and your skin healthy. With the end of the lockdown, we're keeping good habits! We start with a good exfoliation to remove dead skin and rid your skin of ingrown hairs. Then, we think about moisturizing it regularly, especially after showering, for soft and beautiful skin.

It's easy and it feels good ;)

Summer days are back! 

The rising temperatures and the shining sun make us want to take our shorts and summer dresses out of the closet! What's the problem? Our legs haven't seen a ray of sunshine for several months and you can say... No worries! We've got what you need for you to get your legs in total confidence. A layer or two of our Glam Body Dark foam and you're done! Remember that our self-tanners are not sun protection, remember to protect your skin and to expose yourself gradually to avoid ending up red as a crayfish!

Healthy brain, healthy body

With the sun back and the softening of the lockdown rules, we want to spend our days outside! And we all need it! If you've put workout aside for a while during lockdown, now's the time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. If, on the other hand, you were a fan of live classes, do your favorite session outside. For your happy hour, get on your bike to join your friends at the park, the best way to do sports without thinking about it! Finally, adapt your beauty routine to your plate by opting for healthy salads or tasty acai bowls that you can proudly share on your social networks!

What are you looking forward to doing again this summer? What did you miss most during lockdown? Tell us everything!

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