Guide for a cocooning break with That'so

March 24, 2020

Guide for a cocooning break with That'so | That'so Italy

At That'so, we like to develop innovative products to gain self-confidence and feel beautiful! Our self-tanners are easy to use and will brighten up your day. Whether you're working or staying home, we encourage you to keep the little rituals that make you feel good and do yourself good to keep your spirits up. Today, we offer you a complete cocooning ritual to take care of you with That'so products.

Here is the ritual we propose you for a cocooning break with That'so !

Step 1: Exfoliation with our Tan Extender Scrub

For the application of your self-tanner to be effective and easy, it is important to prepare your skin well. Our scrub is formulated with coconut bark powder to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. In addition, our Tan Extender Scrub contains olive oil, a precious ingredient for complete skin hydration. All these elements make our exfoliant the perfect care product for the first step of your cocooning break.


Step 2: Body application with our Glam Body Mousse

Our flagship product is perfect for easy and gentle application. With the help of the mitt, its creamy texture penetrates quickly and the colour of the foam lets you know right away where you already passed. What's more, its delicate scent of almond and vanilla is very pleasant! It is best to apply our Glam Body Dark foam after the shower, as you should avoid contact with water for 3 to 4 hours after applying your self-tanner.

You can also use our 2 in 1 product, HD Tan to apply to your body with the tanning mitt.

Step 3: Face application with our On The Go Dark (or the one of your choice)

For the 3rd step of our care routine, it's time to move on to applying your self-tanner to the face and décolleté. To do this, spray your self-tanner about 30 centimetres from your face in circular motions to cover your entire face.

You can, of course, choose the spray you want according to the intensity you desire. Our On The Go Dark is a 6% DHA, so it's the same intensity as our Glam Body foam. Be aware that On The Go Clear and On The Go Dark Hemp have the same percentage of DHA. If you want more intensity, you can opt for Nature Tan Intense Bronze (8%) or On The Go Extra Dark (10%).

Step 4: WAOUH effect with our Glowy Gold dry oil

The last step takes place a few hours after the application of your self-tanner to allow time for it to dry thoroughly. This is to sublimate your tan by creating a WAOUH! effect. To do this, we have the right product for you with our brand new dry oil, Glowy Gold! This delicately glittering oil will sublimate your tan and moisturize your skin thanks to hemp oil.

That's it, your That'so healing ritual is over! You can take some nice pictures of your tan and tag us on the social medias!

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