Get Ready With Us for Christmas Eve!

December 22, 2020

Get Ready With Us for Christmas Eve! | That'so Italy

We're not going to repeat it over and over again, this year has been very special and the holiday season will be no exception! No matter how you'll spend Christmas this year, we strongly encourage you to treat yourself, because a little of me time it's IMPORTANT! :) At That'so, we have decided that this year, we will make ourselves beautiful, for ourselves first and for others, if we get the chance. So we have prepared our holiday beauty routine for you to shine as much from the inside as from the outside ;)

Come on, you'll see how much better you'll feel afterwards!

The day before

For a perfect look on the big day, it's essential to take a little time to prepare your skin the day before! With the cold temperatures of the last few days, remember to deeply moisturize your skin. For the body, use a rich cream if you have very dry skin. You can also choose a body balm or our Hydra Care body lotion, light and perfumed, it helps to restore dehydrated skin!

skin care products

The skin of your face should not be forgotten! Use a skin care treatment or a night cream to illuminate your skin and regenerate it. Our Light Infusion day cream is perfect for this, thanks to its Drone Cosmetic Technology. For more mature skin, our Anti-Aging Infusion night cream offers you a plumping action and powerful anti-wrinkle properties.

Body care time

The D-day has arrived! Try to reserve at least one hour just for yourself, ideally 3 to 4 hours before the dinner. This is the best time of the year to do so ;)

Start by exfoliating your skin with our Tan Extender Scrub. You can do it in the shower for more convenience. Once your skin is clean and smooth, move on to your favorite self-tanner! Whether you choose the Glam Body Mousse or our HD Tan, use our tanning mitt for an even application of your product. Wait a few minutes for your product to dry before getting dressed. 

Face care time

It's time to take care of your face skin! Start by moisturizing your eye area with our Eye Revitalizer, it is very moisturizing and penetrates quickly. Then it's time to take care of your entire skin face! You can use our Light Infusion day cream or our Anti-Aging day cream. Let it penetrate gently, by small tapping, you will see your skin smoother and plumped up. Don't forget your lips by applying a repairing balm, especially in winter ;)

Face beauty enhancing

Get ready for our favorite step, self-tanning! You can use the self-tanner spray of your choice, if you want a light tan, choose our On The Go Dark or Hemp for better hydration. For a darker look, our HD Tan, in its holiday box, or our Extra Dark will do the trick!  

hd tan fêtes

After applying your self-tanner, wait about ten minutes before applying makeup! If you're in need of ideas, you can check out the sublime looks of make-up artist Nadia Blouin or follow the festive tutorials of the beautiful Cynthia Dulude.

For the hair, you can go for a nice holiday bun or a simpler hairstyle, but we still recommend choosing a hairstyle you're not used to wearing, to make a mark the day! If you lack volume, a little bit of our dry shampoo will make your hair looks great!

All dressed up!

It's time for the final step! The moment when you will slip into the outfit that, I'm sure, you carefully selected some time ago! If you have chosen a dress or an outfit with a nice neckline, our Glowy oil is perfect to sublimate your tan, you can apply it in small touches as in the hollow of your clavicle area or on your legs.

That's it! You're finally ready for your Christmas party in a small group or behind your screen, remember to enjoy your preparation as much as your final look.

All That'so team wishes you an amazing Holiday Season !

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